The Team



Literature & Life

Anne is constantly searching for input for her poetic memory. She is fascinated by dancing or reading all night long, a daily dose of „Großstadtromantik“, the concept of karma and the Italian language. Biggest strength: the love of her family. Favorit phrases: le coup de foudre and spread some love!



Fashion & Beauty

After stops in Rome and New York, Cléo is a fresh master graduate in philosophy and sociology. Finally moved back to Paris, she not only loves Haute Couture, but also relaxing at home with a book and red wine. Cléo often sings under the shower, but hopes that her neighbours never hear her.



Opinion & Life

After stops in Maastricht and London with two degrees in Health Care and Health Management, our dentist-to-be is a true nomad, who loves to travel the world. She has a huge collection of sunglasses and colourful fans. Her world view manifests itself in her love for both nutella and greens; ying and yang.



Art & Culture

Revan studied Art History and Media Studies in Munich, Cologne and Paris – she is our girl for culture and art. For her there is nothing better than receiving handwritten letters and kissing in the rain. She loves the first minutes of a new day, the scent of vetiver and is addicted to tarte au citron.



Music & Design

The physician-to-be is always on the run for new adventures. That is why he loves travelling the world. When he isn't exploring other countries, one thing he is addicted to is to go to the cinema and watch some classics. He is a great thinker and good listener. And don't tell anybody: he as a soft spot for little puppies.



Food & Travel

There is no one else who loves eating tartar more than Laura. However this is not the only thing she craves for. She is always in the quest of finding things made with passion, enthusiam and which tell an inspiring story. Food and wine are her speciality, but also everything else that makes the world more beautiful.