„The key is to be comitted, to keep moving“ – we had an inspiring intercourse with the young talent Chayé Alexis Agbetou, studying Baukunst, photography and artistic thinking at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf.

Düsseldorf. In January the annual Rundgang at the famous Kunstakademie took place – five days of inspiration, artistic intercourse and confrontation with liberal and creative minds. The students are present during the whole Rundgang and always happy to launch a discussion about their projects and creations. We had the chance to talk to Chayé Alexis Agbetou, student of architecture in the third year.

Chayé, thank you for the chat. This is your third Rundgang, right? Is something new, different in this year?
You are welcome, thank you! Actually, it is my second Rundgang. Compared to my first Rundgang, there was more exchange with the visitors, which was great. Quite a few people gave me feedback on my personal works and also on the whole exhibition itself. I had the feeling that the people who visited were really interested and enthusiastic about the “Rundgang”. That was a really nice experience.

Why did you choose the Kunstakademie and its liberal concept for your studies?
Due to its liberal concept, the Kunstakademie is not only giving me the chance to set my own priorities, but also letting me develop my very own trademark within my studies. The idea of the Academy is incompatible with the usual conventional guidelines and standards a lot of other universities eagerly follow. That is more “up to my street”.

“What I recommend young artists? To travel as much as possible. To stay curious. To remain open towards new challenges. To have the courage to try out new things. To be committed. To keep moving.”

What do you value the most about studying here?
Like I mentioned the great freedom to create my studies so very individually, the inspiring atmosphere with all the creative people and, above all, the huge range of special fields you are free to discover. And not forgetting: The Café au Lait at Café Hagen!

Do you have the feeling that the vision of liberal arts is internalized by every student?
I think if you actively choose and want to study at the Kunstakademie, you sort of know “what you are getting yourself into”. The students I hang out with – including me – definitely agree to the whole idea of liberal arts and we all can’t help but internalise it automatically after a while. Plus the vision of liberal arts can be interpreted differently by everyone.

Do you feel huge differences and maybe distances between the classes or do you usually mix up?
Of course there are differences and also distances between the classes. But this is a good thing since every class is always creating their own universe, circling around their own orbit. But as I mentioned before, a mixup of all the different classes and fields is still very common and seems like a natural effect if you study altogether beneath the same roof.

You participated in this years catalogue – congrats! How did you manage to do that?
Thank you, yes I did and I feel really honored for the opportunity to participate. During the last Sommer-Rundgang 2015 I had a small photographic exhibiton “Land Schafft Brücken” about the connection and reciprocal influence of architecture and landscape. The photos were taken during an excursion to Sicily with my class in May 2015. Luckily, the photos caught the attention of a fellow student who is responsible for the catalogue and asked me if I was interested in publishing some of my works in this year’s catalogue.


Chayé Alexis Agbetou: “Land Schafft Brücken”, 2015

What would you recommend other young artists on their individual path? How did you find your personal style?
To travel as much as possible. To stay curious. To remain open towards new challenges. To have the courage to try out new things. To be committed. To keep moving.