Our new column “It takes two to Tango” is a dedication to artists and two of their current favorite pieces of art, design, photography, film they are working on. This time we asked Giuditta Aresi – italian illustrator and artist – to show us her two own current favourite works and tell us something about it: alu-magazine-the-gentlewoman-saoirse
“The Gentlewoman – Saoirse Ronan”, Copertine Series 2015
“The first one is from the Copertine series and I was working on it in September. The series is comprised of a collection of magazine covers that I choose to illustrate because I simply like them; when I see something I like my first instinct is to draw it. It makes me curious to see how they will appear going through my hand.
They are true fanart, both towards the object itself, the magazine with its layout and graphic elements and towards the person who is on it. I picked this one in particular because I find it interesting to try to make a portrait, to represent a face with all its shades and shadows using markers, a medium you can’t do shades with as you cannot mix the colors with one another.”


“Solarsisters”, Persone Dell’Instagram Series, (10×15 cm), 2015
“So this one is part of the Persone dell’Instagram series. A collection of tiny portraits of interesting people I stumble upon on social media, made with acrylics. My challenge here is to accurately represent the person on this tiny canvas that is about the size of a hand.
They are quick works, I am focusing on not to get lost in the details – and trust me, this is hard for me! – instead seeking to best capture each person with as few strokes as possible. The reason why I chose them? I liked the photos and the people look kinda interesting to me.”