1. Writing things by hand: letters to friends, a notebook, shopping lists, postcards or memos. Digital communication is great, but there is a huge difference between writing and texting. Write a letter, send a card – it‘s always something to keep. And for the very brave ones out there: start calling people again – like we were used to do it.

2. Thinking before responding. Nowadays we are too conditioned to require things immediately. But why so? Someone asks or texts something and you have to respond that second. Instant messaging is the culprit. Take your time to consider and think about the question. Don‘t push yourself. A good answer requires time and people like you for that.

3. Feeling free to dress up. You don‘t need an occasion. You don’t need to live in fancy places like Paris or New York, where all the women are running around in 12cm-High-Heels. Make your very own universe and dress the way you love. Everyday is special, make the best of it. Or as Coco Chanel once said it: “Dress like you are going to meet your worst enemy today”.

4. Reading Books. Put away your cell, your tablet, your laptop and start turning pages, inhale the scent of paper. Take a pen and mark all your favourite quotes. And take your time to think about them.

5. Planning trips with good friends. Even if it is just for one day. Go and see a new city, new faces, eat something you never have eaten before. Learn new words or sentences of the local language.

6. Cleaning out your wardrobe. You don‘t put on half of the clothes anymore. Donate these things, resell them on Ebay. But please make room for the new.

7. Remember the days as a kid, when grown-ups always told you that you will miss those childhood days? Spend some time with children and learn by watching how easily happy they can be. Paint something on the wall or play hide and seek with them. They will bring back your weightless childhood days. And you will have one of the happiest days in your life.

8. Disconnecting from the internet. Even if is it for just a couple of hours. I know it is hard, because we are all addicted. First you maybe will have the feeling that you‘re missing something out, but you will realise that there will be much more time for other beautiful things by then.

9. Going to the cinema. Nowadays we can easily watch nearly anything at home without setting a foot outside. But nothing can compare to the simple pleasure of popcorn, wide-screen and being shut from the world for a couple of hours. And maybe also sitting next to your love, while watching some classics of the Nouvelle Vague.

10. Turning off our your phone – especially at dinner. We don‘t have to be connected to the rest of the world all the time. We shouldn‘t document everything for social media. Always enjoy the moment itself. Be happy.