Cashmere is a great fabric, it can make you feel luxurious or casual and its softness is simply unforgettable. That could have been one of the thoughts which ran through Andrea Karg’s head when she decided to start her own label Allude with her husband Christian Karg in Munich in 1993. Dedicated to cashmere as a flowing and light fabric, which can easily adjust to your body and silhouette, Karg did something else than casual v-necks and cardigans: she brought cashmere to another fashion level, she made it fashionable and integrated it into the world of fashion. Meaning sophisticated fits, fluent elemens, asymmetric sleeves, mixes with unusual fabrics like denim or mesh. Cashmere isn’t just the fabric of your favourite jumper for winter, it is more than that.


Which was proofen once again at the Allude Show Spring Summer 2016 during the Paris Fashion Week on 7 October 2015. Taking place in the Salle Melpomène of the École Nationale Supérieure of the Beaux Arts de Paris, the new ready-to-wear collection was a perfect mix of nude pastels and slices of blue and green. Flared skirts, knitted surfaces, deep v-necks and asymmetric shoulders, which convinced with a sophisticated mix of materials, such as denim, linen and silk.


The collection is a hommage to imperfection. And you know what? We think that there is nothing more beautiful than that. At the core of Allude’s design lies the art of knitting, which here is presented as something incomplete, therefore imperfect. Details are shown in a hidden and playful way in order to create an atmosphere of naturalness and to seek subtile attention. Like Karg says herself: “For me spontaneity, flexibility and lightness are part of every woman’s zeitgeist.” And this is exactly what we love most about the collection, its lightness, as if you were breathing in some fresh air and feeling naturally beautiful and relaxed.