The Fondazione Prada invites us to its new exhibiton “Portable Classic” in Venice from 9 May to 13 September 2015 as a hommage to the origin of classical artworks of ancient Rome.

The Fondazione Prada has not only opened its new permanent venue in Milan, it also starts a new exhibition in Venice. “Portable Classic” is curated by Salvatore Settis and Davide Gasparotto and is presented in the 18th Century Palazzo Ca’ Corner della Regina. Influenced by the ancient roman architecture, art and culture, more than 80 artworks represent classical sculptures and paintings of the beginning of the High Renaissance. Furthermore not only shows, but also questions the functions of originals and reproductions of that era.

Prestigious masterpiece or expensive copy? Difficult to answer, as both in ancient Rome and modern Europe many sculptures were created and reproduced in that time – made of marble, bronze or terracotta. Their prestige was so high that it was almost impossible to acquire the originals. Even their reproductions bearing an uncanny resemblance to the originals were highly sought for.

The ongoing exhibition “Portable Classic” thematises that coherence by displaying inter alia modern small-scale masterpieces, along with Renaissance multiples. Examples of the “Crouching Venus” or “Farnese Hercules” are embedded next to a selection of art from collectors of the 1500s, such as Tintoretto and Lorenzo Lotto. An elobration of important Renaissance artists on the hypotheses of classical originals, it’s a must see.

“Portable Classic”
Fondazione Prada
Ca’ Corner Della Regina, Santa Croce 2215
30135 Venice, Italy

Photos: Bas Princen, 2015, Courtesy Fondazione Prada