From June 4 the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin will be opening its doors for the tripartite exhibition “Newton. Horvat. Brodziak.” as a tribute to fashion and portrait photography. With a number of 300 exhibits a wide range of the most impressive and significant photographies of the 20th Century will be the centre of attraction for the visitors.

The italian-born Frank Horvat – one of the most important and influential photographers of that period – was good friends with Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson. It was the latter, who gave him the advice to use a Leica instead of his Rollei. In 1955 Horvat moved from London to Paris and started working as a fashion photographer for Elle, Vogue and Harper’s Bazzar. All his photographies bear a certain contrast, which create that significant nonchalance. The secret? Horvats use of different techniques of photojournalism and fashion photography. That could be a beautiful feminine model in a public place, surround by passerby.

And then there is Szymon Brodziak, a young polish story-teller, whose work is also part of the exhibition. Primary women bodies, in elegant nude photographies. Slightly surreal, but beautifully and subtly arranged. Nevertheless he is managing the balance of not only presenting fashion and beauty ideals, but also scrutinizing them.

On completion of this, the exhibition is supplemented by the second part of the permanent loan of the Helmut Newton Fondation. Meaning iconic portraits, selfportraits, fashion and nude photographies. A photo spread of the 80s: Insights into the bedrooms of David Hockney, David Bowie and Charlotte Rampling. Intimate impressions you might not have ever seen before.

“Newton. Horvat. Brodziak.”, from June 4th to 15th November 2015, Helmut Newton Foundation, Berlin

Photo: Frank Horvat: “Givenchy Hat”, Paris, 1958, © Frank Horvat