Not everything should be considered in black and white. Basically nothing – apart from a few exceptions. It’s all about the nuances in life, to see variations and to be open for different things and thoughts. Thinking black and white means that there is nothing inbetween, you are stuck in between two  positions. Thinking outside of the box is a foreign word. There is only right or wrong – is the worst thing we can do in life. Because it is never just black and white. But concerning fashion or art we should make an exception. These are the only playing fields were black and white thinking is more than okay. It looks good, you are easilly well-dressed, it is a conceptual appraoch and it’s minimalistic. And that’s the good thing about external surfaces: you can always play with them and hide your very personal insides. Let’s start playing with these cravings in monochrome colours:


Striped Skirt by Valentino – perfect with a statement shirt in bold colour such as pink, blue or orange. Or completely basic with a white or black t-shirt

Black and white High-Heels by Sergio Rossi – the top-to-toe look is a bit too much, but paris these conceptual babies with a black skinny jeans and a white tee. Less is more, always.

Plunge Body by Topshop – let’s talk clear: you need a plunge body. It’s one of the best investments to combine with a full skirt or a high-waist skinny jeans. But: If you are well stacked, we rather advise against these look, because it could look a bit too sexy.

Black Satin Naillacquer by Chanel – black colour on the nails could be a bit difficult in order not to look gothic. But the key is neat nails and colour, not too long. Combined with lips and cheeks in tulipwood – this is a cool look for winter.

Acetate Clip-Earrings by Marni – this pair of enamel–earrings will give you the right retro-feeling when you need it. Perfect with open wavy hair and a roll neck.

My Rockstud Striped bag by Valentino – sometimes we do believe in love at first sight, the classic rockstud bag comes with monochrome stripes, right from the Fall’15 show of Valentino.