An unforgettable evening with one or two Old Fashioned, a roastbeef and sometimes also with a celebrity – you never know. As the name implies the center of attention at Schuhmann’s Bar are definitely the drinks. I have visited this place quite a lot of times, have had one too many there than might have been good for me but most importantly: I’ve never been disappointed. On the contrary even. Concerning their cocktail-culture they offer everything from classical to new inventions and also fulfill individual wishes. For someone who cares about good ingredients and the right combination of flavors should pay Schuhmann’s Bar a visit. For the hungry ones they offer a small menu of maybe six dishes which fit the ambience: tasteful and timeless. I always can advise to get the roastbeef, which they mostly offer in different variations. Since one of my favorite cocktails is the Old Fashioned (and Bloody Mary, but that’s rather for another time of the day) I can only highly recommend it. For the lighter drinkers among us don’t worry you’ll find something on their menu for sure!

Aaand just for your information, if you see a guy with long grey back gelled hair in a waiter’s uniform: This is Mr Schuhmann himself working at his own restaurant. He is a legend in Munich, reknown for his temperament. If he doesn’t like you, he will tell you personally and ask you to leave his bar. And if he loves you, he is the kindest and most generous man in the world, offering you a glass of Champagne on the house. Well, that might not be the only celebrity you could see this evening – so don’t drink too much and keep your eyes open.