This summer everything is about beating the seductive heat and keep looking good. Even if it is really difficult to keep your facial make-up on its place due to sweating, compaired to that nails can be much more thankful of course.

We have two shades by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté which we do not want to miss on our trip to Essaouira: N° 61 Brun Henné and N° 62 Jaune Babouche. Both colours remind us of beautiful Moroccan mosaic floors, cold watermelon and relaxing on the beautiful sandy coasts. Especially on hot summer days one realises how easy it is to keep your nails looking good. For the face we have to add: less make-up, waterproof mascaras, no oily creams, drink a lot of water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and get a looot of sleep!