When it comes to daily haircare the most important thing to know is clear: stay away from silicones! Rather trust products based on plants and non-petroleum minerals and water. Since I stopped using silicones, my hair got healthier from the roots. It is naturally shiny and soft, and not the success of an layer of chemicals. But it took time to get back to this point again naturally, since I used to apply different products without knowing that they contain silicones. The thing about silicones is that on the first sight they make your hair feel soft, healthy and shiny, but the truth is: they won’t long-term benefit your hair. It is like a coat that makes all strands appear shinier and healthier. Even if there are different kind of silicones – water soluble and non-soluble – I choose to avoid that kind of products, because if you use hair-dryers and hair straighteners, you are dependend on well-conceived care, which is nourishing your hair instead of veneering damages.

In order to maintain shiny and healthy hair stick to natural and plant-based products. As I tried a lot of different products and I mean it when I am saying that this is my all-time favorite: the dry remedy™ daily moisturizing oil by Aveda. This little bottle contains 30ml, but it lasts at least for half a year. You use two or three drops and rub it in your hands and apply it on the towel dry hair. Distribute it smoothly in the mid length and ends of your hair – that’s it. The oil is made of buriti oil, which is an extract of the moriche palm. It is one of the most precious beauty oil and moisturizes your hair – especially their dry ends.

Maybe it is too much to say that I already started my fourth bottle in nearly two years, but this product will never quit my beauty routine. The only thing to say is that 30 Euros for 30ml it are a bit too expensive, but as I already said you don’t need much of it for daily use. So it is fertile, effective and perfect for any travelcase.

Our Coup de Cœur: dry remedy™ daily moisturizing oil by Aveda