As a beauty editor you get to test a lot of different products and of course sometimes it is really difficult to reduce your beauty routine to a handful number of products. The good news is it is absolutely no great feat to have – let’s say – five products in your bag and still look fresh and radiant the whole day. Or even longer. So this product Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté promises to nourish and refresh your skin for 72 hours. It is a perfect base for your make-up routine, also it works as a illuminating moisturiser.

Well I can’t promise it to last the entire 72 hours, but you get moistured skin and feel comfortable and naturally beautiful for a whole day. It is a good product for those, who are always on the go and with not much time for a long beauty routine. And as we all know, it always starts with a good skin care and a healthy radiant glow – and that is what comes in this gold and black tube.