I am running, running through violet flower fields. My heart is pounding, I can feel the sun warming my back and nature under my feet. I am smiling and I know he is smiling too. He is there, running right behind me. I imagine the tiny little wrinkles around the corner of his mouth while smiling. The little freckles on his nose, the scent of the salty sea on his neck. I can hear his breaths, he is behind me, so close he will catch me and will have me in his arms so soon. I am in love, I am in love with him. In love with with life, with nature, with flowers, with scents. There is no limit between reality and dreams anymore. Am I dreaming?

I kiss his salty lips and feel his warmth, his fingertips on my blank shoulders. The scent of apple, osmanthus and apricots, I know he is perceiving it while closing his eyes, tasting and smelling it. With a soft breeze of roasted coffee and sesame – sweet yet vigorous. Our eyes, meeting in a neverending moment. That moment, when we knew it.

Our Coup de Cœur: Florabellio by Diptyque