A. L. U. is an online magazine dedicated to the things we love: culture, art, fashion, music, literature, food, travel, love, friendship. The big questions running through our heads, it is about the long conversations with your best friend while drinking red wine, the pleasures of life, about the various definitions of beauty, fashion, art and literature, because to live means to see beauty. It is about the breathtaking details of imperfection. Yes, we think that perfection is boring! It is about looks. Imagine that special look in people’s eyes when they realise they are in love. What is running through their head in that moment?

A. L. U. is about capturing moments, writing and making them eternal. It is about stories, personal experiences and in general: positivity. We do not write to express bad vibes, no! We write to express good thoughts and to connect all these beautiful dots in the universe – with love. That can be a simple thing like walking barefoot on warm sand, drinking the best coffee in town, smiling about the little things, when everything seems to be going wrong. To be lucky means to be able to smile about the things that surround you, because sometimes you do not see them. You have to open your eyes! Three letters, not ALU, but A.L.U., Amor Los Une, which means love makes us one. This is not a romantic pun, there is far more behind it, because everything in life is connected. Experience it on our journey, with our magazine, which is made with love, devotion and true passion. Even if life is hard sometimes, you feel discontent and always want more on more on more. Stop these thoughts pouring you down, instead: practice contentment and say to yourself: I already have everything I need, I like the way I am. And yes, of course we think that a new handbag or a new pair of beautiful shoes will never hurt anybody, but still: don’t chase fashion like a victim, don’t live for fashion. Only chase your dreams. And rather surround yourself with a few timeless and beautiful things, be thankful that you are able to do so. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best out of you. Do not forget: In the end only love is the force that regenerates everything that exists and fills the holes in the Universe. Without love life would be just ew. Our magazine is about that, about filling the holes in the Universe with beautiful things, little by little.