To be honest: Rome is one of that cities in which it is absolutely legit to mime the tourist considering its cultural treasures, speaking of the Ancient Rome with its Spanish Steps, the Roman Forum, the Trevi Fountain, the St. Peter’s Basilica, the Colosseum and the Vatican Museums. In case you are done with that, we have these recommendations for you which are more about enjoying la dolce vita. Va bene, no?

Our favourite area just to stroll around is Monti (Via Urbana, Piazza Mad. de Monti, Via dei Serpenti, Via Madonna dei Monti, Via dei Boschetto, Via degli Zingari). There are some nice restaurants and cafés on Via Urbana (Aromaticus (No 134), Urbana 47 (No 47)).

Trastevere is a little more touristic, but discover the area around Piazza Santa Maria and the small streets all around. For a cheap beer and the cheapest ice cream (One Euro!) definitely go to Bar San Calisto, a shabby and authentic atmosphere – all the locals go there to hang out and play cards.

We found this absolutely great restaurant: Fishmarket with – as the name suggests – excellent fresh fish which is immediately grilled for you, fancy starters for pretty nice prices.

Some more adresses and inspiration for a great weekend in Rome

The Jerry Thomas Speakeasy for Cocktails – you have to ring the bell and say the password (you could get it from us by writing a mail). The art café and club on Viale Galoppatoio is pretty fancy and a little elite but definitely worth a visit. A nice but pretty club in the city center is Shari Vari.


Even if the reocmmendations of the „best“ ice-cream in the city vary a lot, this one is pretty good: Come il latte, Via Silvio Spaventa, 24/26. The „Rizo“ flavour you find at Giovanni Fassi.


If you are not in the mood to drive to the beach and just want to relax at the pool, you can book a nice spot in some spas and hotels. Grand Hotel Gianicolo offers deck chairs and pool usage for 20 Euros per day during the week and 30 in the weekends. A private, clean space with a lot of Italian guests, a nice bistro and a perfect spot for reading and chilling in the middle of the city.

And finally the best spot for a (romantic) picnic:

The beautiful Gardino degli Aranci which offers a great view over the city, shadow spaces and a very famous keyhole to look through! If you are lucky you can get the chance of witnessing an authentic Italian wedding take and watching the party crowd.

Last but not least some phrases to learn: ti do un bacione, mille grazie, ci vediamo al bar & va bene!