To experience the island of Ibiza fully is not possible; simply because the individuals drawn to it are so diverse and often even contradicting one another with their reasons of why they love this island so much.

Some tourists love the southern tip of the island, with its beaches packed with people tanning under a sizzling sun and the nights filled with bright neon lights and crowded dancing. Others rave about the north, with its starlit skies and sonorous sea worshipped by hippies old and new.

Coming near my tenth anniversary of when I first visited this magical place, I have to say I still love the lessons Ibiza teaches me and am thankful for the treasures I take with me year after year. From beautifully raw landscapes to sandy beaches, the island does not cease to surprise; also in terms of effortlessly cool and chic restaurants, beach clubs and chiringuitos, Ibiza takes it to the next level, year after year, yet the ones that I truly love have now been with me since a couple of years now. Sharing these new treasures with you is a pleasure and although the season’s almost nearing to its end (the season in Ibiza starts and ends with the infamous clubs’ openings and closings) I am convinced to leave you well-guided in the realms of recreation for the coming year.

The Allrounder: Experimental Beach

Located at what you cannot really call a beach, but a sandy platform flanked by big chunky rocks leading to the sea this place is and will definitely remain to be the coolest and most effortlessly relaxed of the très chic beach clubs in Ibiza, since it has superseded Cap D’es Falco. The service is impeccable and brought to you with a smile on the lips and the food, at reasonably medium-well prices, does not disappoint either. My favourites are the Burrata and you gotta have a fresh watermelon juice no matter what you’re eating, it’s so yum.

When we finished our late lunch, I used the newly added jetty to take a dip into the sea… After my friend Alma told me that the water feels particularly soft on the skin, I had to test it myself and admittedly, she was right. Although it might sound a bit weird in retrospective to rate the texture of sea water on your skin, I am suggesting you try it out for yourself and lemme know. Once I climbed out of the water, I stretched out on one of the rare sunbeds to let the salt dry on my skin. The music played at ECC Beach is another reason why I love spending lengthy hours there. Funky classics, seasoned with a bit of bossa nova and a bit of everything else that keeps the world grooving, you cannot not tap your toes to the music while sipping on a white sangria. Oh, and I forgot to mention the sunsets. So cliché, I know, but who doesn’t love a great sunset adjoined by a peaceful sea reflecting the glisten of various hues of orange and red? That is why this place is definitely a keeper in your list of things to do in Ibiza. As I did on that day watching the slowly descending sun, you will wish for this moment not to end.

Experimental Beach Ibiza
Las Salinas

07817 Ibiza
Islas Baleares – Spain
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